Top Triathlete’s Winter Training Tips

We Know You’ve Never Seen #4 Before!

Lindsey Yoder competing in one of her many triathlons. Only a true athlete can smile in the middle of this grueling race. Go Lindsey!

When the last leaves fall and winter descends on the masses, laziness can become an epidemic- even among the fittest of us all.

To help you combat this slothful surrender to the sedentary season, we reached out to a top triathlete to bring you the best winter training tips we could find.

Lindsey Yoder, 28 years old and hailing from North Carolina, competes in 7 triathlons per year, and will be competing in 3 half ironmans, and 2-3 half marathons this coming year as well.  She was the top finisher in her age division at the Ramblin Rose Sprint Triathlon, and also finished in the top 5 for her age in both the White Lake Sprint and the Lake Logan Half.

She is an Engineer AND an NFL Cheerleader.

So yeah, we figured you’d be interested in what she has to say.  Without further ado, here are Lindsey’s top 4 tips for training during the winter.

1. Dress Down!

Let’s be real, you’re not Elsa from Frozen or Frosty the Snowman, so you’re not going to feel at home while exercising in sub-freezing or close-to-freezing temperatures.  But you also shouldn’t bundle up to the point of sweating before you even head out the door.  My rule of thumb is to dress for about 10 degrees warmer than it actually is.

Consider losing the beanie, but using a running headband instead.  Wear running tights, but don’t cover them with sweatpants. Add a pullover, but leave the zip up as a third layer in the closet.

You may be cold at first, but once you start to sweat you’ll feel just right.

2. Hydrate!

H20 is your friend- even when it’s cold outside.  In the winter people seem to forget how important liquid is for their body. They don’t sweat every time they take a step outside, so they aren’t focused on keeping their body hydrated.

Water isn’t the only way to do this though. Sweet tea is my saving grace.  I take it with me on long bike rides.  It keeps me nice and hydrated, and is a great sugar to fuel my workouts. Hot tea is also a great option in the winter to stay hydrated all throughout the day.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are great for rehydration too, but they are less accessible during the winter.  That’s why I turn to squash!  Spaghetti squash is the best!

3. Get Back to Basics!

We all suck at something.  Winter is a time to work on sucking less at it.

Since the days are short and the light is limited, forget about how long your workout is or how far you go. Instead, center your workouts around improving your technique.

A few years ago I couldn’t swim.  I could tread water, but not even a doggie paddle could get me from point A to point B. During the winter I take professional lessons to improve my swimming form and increase my confidence in the water.

4. Get Out of Shape!

Yes you read that right. I said get OUT of shape.

Most athletes and trainers will tell you that taking a break from your regular nutrition and exercise regiment is important to overall health and motivation.

During the holidays, I INTENTIONALLY throw nutrition out the window. I eat unhealthy.

The last 2 weeks out of the year, I give in to the cravings and temptations, try every kind of cookie on the dessert table, and ask for a second scoop of mashed potatoes.

This allows me to start the New Year mentally and physically refocused on getting BACK into shape.  It’s a short break from my normal healthy eating, but it’s enough to give me an extra push to keep training hard in the middle of winter.

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