About Us

We like being active. We like being outside. Some days we push our bodies to the limits and feel like our legs are made of lead. Other days, we barely break a sweat on a hill that worked us over the week before. But, we love it all.

Indoor sports? Bring them on. The quiet of a back-country trail? We’re there. Chillin’ after a solid workout, with the sweat still drying on our backs, comparing the adventure stories over a cold one –this is the kind of stuff we love. We figured though, sometimes you get your sweat on and the smell of the day stays with you and your gear a little too long. Or, you just need a little something extra to help heal the results of an extra hard push to get to the top of that hill. So, we thought, let’s keep it natural, like we like to lead our lives. We created Rocket Pure for just that –to give your body a little TLC after all it’s done for you, naturally.

Founded in 2012 by people who love sports and the outdoor world, Rocket Pure is a Bellingham, Washington-based company that specializes in natural personal care products for athletes.

Our start came after countless times of climbing, trail running, bicycling, skiing and just plain being active, we realized we needed a natural foot and shoe deodorizer to help fight foot odor. All we could find were products filled with harmful chemicals. Unable to find what we were looking for, we decided to make our own.

We’re working on new products and growing our product line, but feel free to send us an email and let us know what products you’d like to see from us!