Quicken Your Pace: An Afternoon Trail Run

After a long day in front of a flat screen, sitting at a desk thinking about productivity, efficiency, progress, there is no better way to force this silliness out of your brain then to get outdoors and out for a trail run. The trees, the mountains and the air all tower above. The earthly smell of the soil. The rock has a metallic taste that hangs in the air.

Into the Winter Darkness

There is something crude and visceral about leaving the warmth and dryness of your home and office and setting out into the void of the winter darkness for a run. Speeding up won’t dodge the icy bullets that are the cold rain hitting your face and the splash of puddles on your legs. These just quicken your pace.

Into the Rhythm

Suddenly, we get a rhythm. These are the moments that matter. The crisp air and the rain hit our face. We continue to move faster, yet somehow we hang there in mid-air.

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