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Lindsey Competing In A Triathlon

Top Triathlete’s Winter Training Tips

Top Triathlete’s Winter Training Tips

We Know You’ve Never Seen #4 Before!

Lindsey Competing in a Triathlon

Lindsey Yoder competing in one of her many triathlons. Only a true athlete can smile in the middle of this grueling race. Go Lindsey!

When the last leaves fall and winter descends on the masses, laziness can become an epidemic- even among the fittest of us all.

To help you combat this slothful surrender to the sedentary season, we reached out to a top triathlete to bring you the best winter training tips we could find.

Lindsey Yoder, 28 years old and hailing from North Carolina, competes in 7 triathlons per year, and will be competing in 3 half ironmans, and 2-3 half marathons this coming year as well.  She was the top finisher in her age division at the Ramblin Rose Sprint Triathlon, and also finished in the top 5 for her age in both the White Lake Sprint and the Lake Logan Half.

She is an Engineer AND an NFL Cheerleader.

So yeah, we figured you’d be interested in what she has to say.  Without further ado, here are Lindsey’s top 4 tips for training during the winter.

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